Domenico Servodio

Domenico Servodio, painter and decorator of sacred art, was born in 1917 in Arpaia, a small town in the province of Benevento. The passion for painting comes immediately, he was just ten years old when he started working with a local decorator, but soon he moved to Rome, where he discovered an eclectic reality. During the Second World War, the artist was discovered by the Germans who occupied Rome, and started to work for them as a portraitist. In the 80s he came back in the Sannio, where with his son Remo, restored a lot of churches (i.e. Campoli di Monte Taburno, Tocco, Cautano, Cacciano, San Felice a Cancello etc...), statues and decorated most of the prestigious houses in the province of Benevento, Naples and Caserta. In these years, moreover, his works enriched the altars built during the feast of Corpus Domini in the streets and districts of Montesarchio. Domenico died in Montesarchio in 1991.